President Message

Dear friends,

It has been long felt that cardiac CT and cardiac MRI are underutilized in our country. This is largely due to a lack of awareness among the providers and the clinicians as to the strengths and benefits of these two modalities. This is especially true of cardiac MRI which has the potential to provide morphological and functional information and thus the ability to change treatment paradigms and even offer prognostic information across the spectrum of cardiovascular disorders.

The idea to usher in a society dedicated to the promotion of cardiac imaging was initiated during the Radiology Education Foundation (REF) cardiac courses. During these meeting, radiologists with a common passion for the practice and teaching of this subspecialty had the opportunity to interact. Though the idea was the brainchild of a few, it gained rapid momentum as others interested in the field from all parts of India joined force to make the dream a reality.

The primary objective of the IACI is to provide a platform for discussion, dissemination of information and research in this fast evolving subspecialty. Education will be offered through many avenues such as conferences, sharing of interesting cases on the website and quarterly newsletter. Active discussions on difficult cases, announcements regarding education activities and member concerns will be addressed via a Google group. The society also plans to intensively collaborate with similar international societies for exchange of ideas. The society is a working group of SCMR (Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and plans to collaborate with other similar societies. By ensuring consistently high quality of clinical care and high end research, the goal of the IACI is to put Indian cardiac imaging at the forefront on the global platform.

The annual meetings of the IACI will be held regularly in different parts of India so that people from different regions of the country are able to participate and contribute. The first such conference of the society was jointly held with the REF in Bangalore in August 2010. The next conference took place in New Delhi in September 2011. This year's conference is scheduled to be held in Bangalore in December 2012.

Membership in this society will benefit radiologists, cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, nuclear cardiology physicians, persons from allied technical and paramedical fields and any one else who maintains an active interest in cardiac imaging.

I am looking forward to your membership and interacting with all of you.