Cardiac Imaging in India

  • Large number of cardiac capable CT and MRs, but underutilized
  • Lack of awareness, lack of training, financial reasons
  • Most centers provide outsourced (stand-alone) services
  • Slow development of subspecialized imaging care
  • Huge load and wide spectrum of diseases, but limited interest in research
  • Low institutional base, limited research grants and also underutilized
Indian Association of Cardiac Imaging (IACI)

To form a platform for collecting and analyzing Data for Indian population and propagating scientific facts based on Indian experience and research in Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI.


Need to establish evidence based guide-lines and recommendations for Clinical application of Cardiac Imaging.

To form a pyramid of organizational structure consisting of impartial and dedicated people for smooth nonpartisan functioning of this proposed no-profit making Indian association of Cardiac Imaging.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as an independent society dedicated to develop Cardiac CT and Cardiac MR through education, training programmes, and formulating evidence based guidelines and research.